Monday, August 4, 2014

New Book Out on Biblical and Systematic Theology

Ben Reynolds, Kevin Vanhoozer, and myself just edited this important book exploring the relationship between Biblical and Systematic Theology. It is a tribute piece to our friend and teacher Bob Gundry, who taught us to love Scripture as undergraduates. My piece explores the need to have a strong embodied anthropology for the benefit of ministry. Go to your library and check it out or have them order it.

Here are the contents of the volume:
  • Tremper Longman, III: "Foreword" 
  • Brian Lugioyo: "Introduction"
Part One: Introducing the Volume's Theme
  • Benjamin E. Reynolds: "The Relationship Between Biblical and Systematic Theology in the Work of Robert H. Gundry"
  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer: "Is the Theology of the New Testament One or Many? Between (the Rock of) Systematic Theology and (the Hard Place of) Historical Occasionalism"
Part Two: Essays From the Perspective of Biblical Theology
  • Mark Strauss: "Christology or Christological Purpose in the Synoptic Gospels: A Study of Unity in Diversity"
  • Benjamin E. Reynolds: "The "Eucharistic” Language of John 6 in Biblical and Theological Perspective"
  • Roy Kotansky: "The Resurrection of Jesus in Biblical Theology: From Early Appearances (1 Corinthians 15) to the "Sindonology” of the Empty Tomb"
  • Judith Gundry: "Anxiety or Care for People? The Theme of 1 Corinthians 7:32-34 and the Relation between Exegesis and Theology" - 
  • J. Webb Mealy: "Revelation is One: Revelation 20 and the Quest to Make the Scriptures Agree"
Part Three: Essays From the Perspective of Systematic Theology
  • Jennifer Powell McNutt: "James, 'The Book of Straw,' in Reformation Biblical Exegesis: A Comparison of Luther and the Radicals"
  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer: "The Origin of Paul’s Soteriology: Election, Incarnation, and Union with Christ in Ephesians 1:4 (with special reference to Evangelical Calvinism)"
  • Brian Lugioyo: "Ministering to Bodies: Anthropological Views of Sōma in the New Testament, Theology, and Neuroscience" 
  • Roger Newell: "Instead of Sentimental Exegesis: The Significance of Suffering for Christ and his Church" 
  • Gary Deddo: "T.F. Torrance on Theological and Biblical Studies as Co-Servants of the Word of God, Living and Written"
  • Stan D. Gaede: "Postscript"

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