Curriculum Vitae


I have a doctorate in the history and theology of Christianity and I am an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. I am a first generation Cuban-American from a tradition of Cuban pastors and academics.

Sept 2007     University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
                     Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity
                     Dissertation Topic: Martin Bucer’s Doctrine of
                     Justification and the Colloquy of Regensburg (1541)

July 2003    Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
                    Master of Arts in Theology – Biblical Studies and

May 1999    Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA
                     Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

Oct 1998     Jerusalem University College, Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel
                    Certificate in Geographical and Historical Settings of the Bible
2013-present  Associate Professor of Theology & Ethics, Azusa Pacific University, Graduate School of Theology, Azusa, CA

2012-present  Kern Scholars Director, Azusa Pacific University, Graduate School of Theology, Azusa, CA

2011-2013   Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA

2010 - 2011     Director of the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation and Leadership, Spring Arbor
                        University, Spring Arbor, MI

2008 - 2011    Assistant Professor of Religion & Philosophy, Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, MI
2006                Lecturer, Temporary Teaching Post, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen

2004 - 2007     University Course Tutor, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
2007 - 2008    Assistant Registrar, Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA

2000 - 2003    Assistant Program Administrator, Graziadio School of Business & Management,
                       Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA

COURSES TAUGHT / TUTORED                                   
GTHE 504 –    God, Creation & Humanity
GTHE 505 –    Christian Ethics
GTHE 513 –    Modern Church History
GTHE 615 –    Church & Society
GTHE 534 –    Theological Seminar: Trinity
MSFL 604 –     History, Traditions and Leaders in Christian Spirituality (SAU)
MSFL 670 –     The Life and Work of Henri Nouwen (SAU)
MSFL 680 –     Christian Spirituality Synthesis and Integration (SAU)

DR 1028 –     Rise of Christianity (U of Aberdeen)
DR 2530 –     The European Reformations: History and Ideas (U of Aberdeen)
COR 300 –     The Christian Faith: Its Practices (SAU)
CMi 361 –     Spiritual Formation (SAU)
REL 211 –     Gospel & Acts (SAU)
PHIL 210 –     Survey of Worldviews (SAU)

GENERAL TEACHING INTERESTS                               
−    History of Christian Thought
−    History of Christianity in the non-Western World (i.e. Global Christianity)
−    Modern Christian History and Thought / American Christian History
−    Reformation Christian History and Thought
−    Medieval Christian History and Thought
−    Early Christian History and Thought
−    Historiography

−    Christian Thought (Justification, Sanctification & Spirituality)
−    Cuban Christianity
−    African Christianity
−    Theology of Prayer & Divine Agency
−    Pneumatology
−    Martin Bucer’s Thought
−    Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Thought
−    Ray S. Anderson’s Thought
−    Theology and Disability
−    Theology and the Arts

-- co-editor with Benjamin Reynolds, and Kevin Vanhoozer, Reconsidering the Relationship Between Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament: Essays by Theologians and New Testament Scholars. Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck, forthcoming.
-- Martin Bucer’s Doctrine of Justification: Reformation Theology and Early Modern Irenicism (Oxford Studies in Historical Theology). New York: Oxford University Press, 2010.


-- “Whose Interpretation? Which Anthropology? … Indeed: Response to John Cooper,” in Body and Soul: The Current Debate, edited by Thomas Crisp, forthcoming 2015.
-- "Martin Luther's Eucharistic Christology," in The Oxford Handbook of Christology, eds. Francesca Murphy et al., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014.

-- “Martin Bucer.” Oxford Bibliographies in Renaissance and Reformation. Ed. Margaret King. New York: Oxford University Press. 2014.
-- “Martin Bucer’s Exegesis of Ephesians,” in Reformation Readings of Paul, eds. Jonathan Linebaugh and Michael Allen. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, forthcoming.

-- “Introduction,” in Reconsidering the Relationship of Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament,  eds. Brian Lugioyo, Benjamin Reynolds, and Kevin Vanhoozer, 1-4. Tubungen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014.

-- “Ministering to Bodies: Anthropological views of Sōma in the NT, Theology, and Neuroscience,” in Reconsidering the Relationship of Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament,  eds. Brian Lugioyo, Benjamin Reynolds, and Kevin Vanhoozer, 213-237. Tubungen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014.
-- “The Trinitarian Life of Faith,” in Strength to Be Holy,  ed. Don Thorsen. Lexington, KY: Emeth Press, 2014.

Dictionary Articles:
-- “Justification” in Revised New Dictionary of Theology. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, forthcoming 2010.
-- “Penance” in Revised New Dictionary of Theology. Downers Grove, IL: IVP, forthcoming 2010.

Book Review:
-- Hsia, R. Po-chia, ed., A Companion to The Reformation World (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing,     2004), in Scottish Journal of Theology 61/2 (May 2008), pp.244-246.

Sept. 2013       “Sex in Church,” for Faith Matters Lecture Series at Azusa Pacific University.
Aug. 2013      “Biblical Wisdom on Sex: A Study in Song of Songs,” Four lectures for PazNaz Sunday School Group.
April 2013      “Trinitarian Prayer,” Four lectures for PazNaz Sunday School Group.
Nov. 2012     “Silent Word—Preaching in Death: 1 Peter 3:18-4:6,” in Open and Relational Theologies Group, AAR.

Aug. 2012    “Worship and Ethics: A Study in Amos” Two lectures for PazNaz Sunday School Group.
Jan. 2008    “Jesus, the Lord: Why though he is our friend, he is also our king” presented at Mariners Church high school spirituality retreat.

Feb. 2006    “Martin Bucer’s Theology of Sin in his Romans Commentary (1536)” presented at the Scottish Universities’ Staff/Student Church History Conference.

Feb. 2005    “Justification in Johannes Gropper's Enchiridion (1538)” presented at the Scottish Universities’ Staff/Student Church History Conference.

Sept. 2004    “Martin Bucer and Article V of the Regensburg Colloquy (1541)” presented at the European Reformation Research Group Conference.

Feb. 2004    “Martin Bucer and the Heidelberg Disputation, 1518” presented at the Scottish Universities’ Staff/Student Church History Conference.

ACADEMIC MEMBERSHIPS                                   
−    Member, American Society of Church History
−    Friend, Hispanic Theological Initiative
−    Member, American Academy of Religion
−    Member, Society for Reformation Research
−    Member, The Thomas F. Torrance Fellowship
−    Member, Wesleyan Theological Society

HONORS AND AWARDS                                       
2003 – 2006     Overseas Reward Student Award Scheme (ORSAS), Competitive award given to promising foreign students studying in the UK.
2002 – 2003     Southern California Chosen for Ministry Scholarship
1999 – 2000     Fuller School of Theology Grant
1999                Certificate in Leadership Studies from Westmont College, Santa Barbara

−    Reading and conversationally fluent in Spanish
−    Proficient reading knowledge of Latin, Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, and German

2011 - current Adult Sunday School Teacher, Foothill Community Church, Azusa, CA

2010 - 2011  Adult Sunday School Teacher, Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church, Spring Arbor. In this capacity I teach Bible studies for a class of over 90 adult members every other Sunday.

2007 - 2008     Supply Preacher, Seaside Community Church, Huntington Beach

2008                Adult Sunday School Teacher, Seaside Community Church, Huntington Beach. In this capacity I led various adult Bible studies.

2004 - 2007    Senior Sunday School Teacher, Crown Terrace Methodist Church, Aberdeen. I taught Sunday School for ages 11 to 16 every Sunday.

2001 – 2003    College Ministry Volunteer, Seaside Community Church, Huntington Beach. In this role I periodically led Bible studies and discussions. I also mentored four college students in a small group.

2002 - 2003    20/30-Something Ministry Group Leader,    Seaside Community Church, Huntington Beach. I was responsible for leading a bi-monthly Bible study for single and married, 20 to late 30-year-old men and women.

1997 - 1998    Co-Director of Potter’s Clay (A Mexican Social Service Outreach), Westmont College Potter’s Clay, Santa Barbara.   As co-director I shared the responsibility for the overall success of the project. This included directing multiple construction projects, medical clinics, and vacation Bible schools with 400 college students and 56 professionals. This also entailed responsibility for coordinating the fundraising of an $80,000 budget and managing it. The success of the project also demanded the direct and clear communication with Mexican Officials (Mayor of Ensenada, Police, Immigration, and Red Cross).

2008    I was the theological advisor for my friend Roy Schenkenberger's album "The Broken Down Soul of All Mankind and the Ongoing Redemption Thereof." It is a wonderful album and can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon. Here is a link to Roy's website.

1999    As an undergraduate I was a member of the very short lived musical group Baby Noontime and the Rocketmen, which recorded two Children songs for Westmont College's The Phoenix album. I am the lead vocals on "The Bush Song." Here is a link to a medley of our songs "Buster the Car" and "The Bush Song."

1993    Played in the Huntington Beach Rec-Center Championship Basketball game against Tony Gonzalez's team. My team lost.

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