Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why we need to go to Church

"Through worship God trains his people to take the right things for granted. When Christians gather they learn to value every person God has made, big, small, bright, slow, not because they are each individuals with rights (which inevitably conflict) but because each one has been given gifts by God that the Church needs to receive if it is to be faithful. When Christians confess their sins they recall the passion and recklessness of God and realize that every saint has a past and every siner has a future. When Christians listen to Scripture they remember that God's purposes can never be limited by the meanness of the human imagination. When Christians share bread together they rediscover that every person brings different things to the table but each receives back the same. When Christians are sent out they are reminded that each one has a vocation to witness and service and that ordinary discipleship can find an elixir in the words 'for thy sake.' Worship is the time when God trains his people to imitate him in habit, instinct, and reflex." Wells & Hauerwas

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