Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hip Prayer Furniture (Kids and Prayer)

With my wife visiting family in Holland, I needed a strategic syllabus to keep us focused during the week. I decided to see if we could go through the Lord's prayer. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the prayer itself, I decided I had time to make a small pillar (around 3 feet) for the kids to pray on outside; I've been reading on Simeon the Stylites. However, on second thought I decided a special kneeler for their room would be an easier option, for now (I'm keeping the pillar option for later). We picked up a couple of poplar planks at Home Depot and Liesel picked out a pretty burgundy wood stain. When Linden came home from school we went to Joannes, were she picked out a nice furry pink fabric for the kneeling cushion. So far they have been excited to use it before they go to bed. Below is a picture of their hip purple and pink kneeler. Praying the Pater Noster on a purple and pink prayer kneeler is particularly primo. Luca likes driving his hot wheels on it.

Next, calling God Father.

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