Monday, September 20, 2010

Finding God in English Grammar

I have been reading Marilyn McEntyre's book Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies. In this wonderful little book she skillfully reminds me of the beauty of English grammar. As a writer and a teacher I need to continually work against lazy writing habits and to pursue the beauty of the written word.

Lewis Smedes wrote in his spiritual memoir that God "liked elegant sentences and was offended by dangling modifiers. Once you believe this, where can you stop? If the Maker of the Universe admired words well put together, think of how he must love sound thought well put together; and if he loved sound thinking, how he must love a Bach concerto; and if he loved a Bach concerto, think of how he prized any human effort to bring a foretaste, be it ever so small, of his Kingdom of justice and peace and happiness to the victimized people of the world. In short, I met the Maker of the Universe, who loved the world he made and was dedicated to its redemption. I found the joy of the Lord, not at a prayer meeting, but in English Composition 101." May we pursue excellence in every way and, as Sinead O'Connor sings, "make something beautiful for God."

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